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About us - activewear and streetwear by JOE MOLESE

About us

It all started with the fact that we like wearing t-shirts with cool, eye-catching prints ourselves. We attach great importance to high-quality materials, a good fit and cool, rocking designs. It doesn't matter whether it's 80s, 90s, old school, tattoo, biker, fan shirt, vintage look or striking lettering. Our wardrobe has the right shirt for every occasion.

about Joe Molese

Why a JOE MOLESE t-shirt or hoodie?

There are actually enough great shirts - but unfortunately some are priceless or suffer from poor material quality or fit. We have been inspired by other brands and designs over the years and decided to design t-shirts that we would love to wear ourselves

At first we only had individual pieces made for us personally. But more and more often we were asked about our T-shirts. That was the origin of the brand JOE MOLESE© which we founded in 2019. Exclusive fashion brands have always piqued our interest. We also wanted to show our creativity in the form of shirts and hoodies and make our clothing accessible to anyone interested.

With our brand, we have decided not to subject ourselves to changing collections but to create continuous basics that can be worn all year round. Where do you want to wear your t-shirt? In your free time? At work? During sports? The good news: no problem! Our clothing is fashionable so that it can be worn on almost any occasion.

Our philosophy - JOE MOLESE stands for sustainability and quality

T-shirts and hoodies of the best quality, manufactured in an environmentally friendly, social and fair way - that's JOE MOLESE. When manufacturing our garments, it is particularly important to us to use sustainable production and thus assume social responsibility. In addition, all of our shirts and hoodies are also produced according to the OEKO Text Standard. Our shirts do not pollute the environment! The printing inks are biodegradable and free of toxins and animal ingredients (vegan).

about Joe Molese

We grow organically and we produce on demand. That means we don't overproduce, we always produce in limited quantities. We produce a small amount of clothing per collection and see how you like it. This means: There can sometimes be waiting times until the new products are ready for dispatch. However, a maximum of 8 days. In this way, our customers know that they are getting eco-friendly and high-quality clothing instead of cheap mass-produced goods.

We are constantly implementing our ideas and expanding our Online-Shop with new individual motifs and products. To stay up to date, you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive all new products by email.

Thank you for your support and have fun browsing!
Your JOE MOLESE team

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