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SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GYM! - Together we are strong!

Support your local gym!

Since all fitness studios have to close despite functioning hygiene concepts and hygiene requirements in order to contain the spread of the Corona Pandemic, your local fitness community needs your support.

Here are ways you can support your local gyms during the tough times of lockdown - both financially and without spending a dime. Loyalty, solidarity and cohesion are values ​​that cost nothing.

Don't freeze your membership

If you can afford it, keep your membership fees and contract active to generate an income that keeps all jobs even when the gym is closed. Most gym operators are working on solutions that put you at a disadvantage. Possible concepts would be e.g. solidarity with waiver of compensation, non-contributory period after opening, value or training vouchers, etc.

Buy training vouchers to give away

Buy training vouchers to pay for future months of your membership or to give away the vouchers to friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Buy gym merchandise

Many fitness studios have their own online shops with great merchandise products such as T-shirts, fashionable and functional sportswear, sports nutrition such as protein, creatine, amino acids, vitamins, whey protein. These products not only support you with your home workout, but also support the maintenance of the fitness studios.

Take part in online courses / workouts

Many gyms and trainers stream and share workouts on their websites, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Take part, share the workouts with friends and family. This is how you can show your enthusiasm for the sport and win new members for your gym after the Corona Pandemic. Sharing and posting quarantine workouts on social networks is completely free.

Ask your trainer for a personal training plan

Email your trainer or studio how much they would charge to create a customized training plan. While there are many free workouts online, ask for a plan that is appropriate for the equipment you use or have at home. The trainer will also support you in creating a nutrition plan. Whether fat loss, diet or muscle building, you can get closer to your goals with a healthy diet through the pandemic.

Write online reviews

Support your favorite gym by writing positive reviews on Google, Facebook or elsewhere. This is how reviews help other interested parties: Many interested parties trust the experiences of other members. Anyone who shares their experiences with others in a review supports them in their decision to choose the right studio.

The top priority is of course your health! With this in mind - STAY STRONG - We are a community! We are a family! Together we will survive the Corona Pandemic and the lockdown.


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