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Women's basic t-shirts - timeless classics for every occasion

Our women's basic t-shirts are a A must-have for any wardrobe They are timeless, versatile and go perfectly with any outfit We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure you find the perfect basic t-shirt for you With their high quality finish and soft feel materials they are comfortable to wear and last a long time. Order online now and discover our unique selection of women's basic t-shirts.

Women's t-shirts

High-quality women's T-shirts - buy easily online

Are you into plain or patterned women's t-shirts with logo or printed designs? Classic or a washed-out look? Then you will definitely find your dream shirt with us.

High-quality women's t-shirts - the branded t-shirt from Joe Molese

We strive to produce products of highest quality from sustainable production. We have many colors on offer. For example, choose between classics such as black, white, gray and blue. The brand logo or eye-catching prints are clearly visible on the front or back of the t-shirt. You can get our women's shirts in many different models, for example with a classic V-neck or round neck.

Create your own street style and wear what you like.

The women's t-shirt - the ultimate fashion classic

T-shirts are the most multifunctional women's garments of all. They can be worn at any time of the year, whether in everyday life, for sports or in the club. T-shirts for women often come in a casual, wide cut, but are also available in a tailored and tight or oversize fit.

The practical and comfortable wide shirts are also ideal for the gym. When it comes to materials, easy-care cotton blends are particularly popular. Elastane is also added to some fabrics, so that even tight-fitting shirts adapt perfectly to your body and are comfortable to wear.

No matter which streetwear classic or sportswear you choose, it will give your outfit a personal touch.

Women's Metallic T-Shirts - Why do women wear metallic and metallic look t-shirts?

Why are metallic prints on women's t-shirts so popular? On the one hand they are stylish. Unique and eye-catching metallic prints always catch the eye. Add a touch of metallic shine to any outfit and be sure to make a statement. Plus, the metallic print goes with almost anything.

Women's metallic print t-shirts are perfect for those who want to stand out. Available in a variety of colors and designs including gold, metallic blue and silver, they give you a elegant look that will make you feel classy and stylish at all times.

Metallic prints give every outfit a luxurious touch and make every outfit unique.

So what are you waiting for? Wear a metallic JOE MOLESE shirt!

Women's streetwear t-shirts – always trendy

The t-shirt offers you an infinite variety of styles, with something for every taste. Stylish print shirts with photo prints, meaningful lettering or eye-catching logos go perfectly with casual jeans,

Regardless of whether it is vintage or used, underline your personality with a striking motif or a meaningful print. JOE MOLESE t-shirts in a timeless look, colorful and sporty shirts make you a real eye-catcher. Convince yourself and get your JOE MOLESE women's streetwear t-shirt!

Sustainable t-shirts for women

We obtain our raw textiles exclusively from certified manufacturers.

This gives us the certainty that all standards for sustainable production of textiles are met. Our goal is to provide transparent and trustworthy information that enables you to make more sustainable choices.

We are committed to ensuring that all sustainability information on our website is accurate. To do this, we use information from our partners.

The criteria our products meet can be found here.

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